Albuquerque Local Search Engine Optimization Expert – N.A.P.

– Make sure you’re paying attention to your NAPs for your local search marketing!

Albuquerque Local Search Engine Optimization Expert – N.A.P.

Be consistent with your NAP!

You might wonder how this became a marketing tip. The NAP that we’re referring to is your name, address, and phone number, not the nap that you want to take after a big lunch. We wanted to pass on this important tip from an Albuquerque Local Search Engine Optimization expert to help your online presence.

Okay, back to the marketing NAP. On your website, you should have all this information. Way to go if you do have it all! But, have you also checked on your NAP items on your Facebook page, Twitter, Yellow Pages, Google, Yelp, and other spaces where your business is mentioned? Do you have the same NAP information on all of those?

Why keep the same NAP across all pages?

The reason why you need to have the same NAP on all of these pages is that you don’t want to confuse your customers. What if they landed on your Facebook page and your Yellow Pages entry and they want to call you, but different phone numbers are listed because you forgot to update Yelp when you moved to your new Albuquerque location?
That confusion will introduce an undesirable impression. Some people will just give up right then and there. They might not have the time or desire to call and check two numbers. Others might call, but what if the one they try is the unavailable one? More than likely, they will not try again. You just lost potential clients, customers, and patients.

Second, checking your NAP will help you in local searches. Having a consistent physical address on all platforms will help you build your rank in searches. Also, people who want to visit your office will not be disoriented by two different addresses.

You might also want to include your website url along with the NAP items to check. The website url that you include on all of your pages should be the same.

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